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Introducing Manfred…


Thanks very much for visiting my blog, where I hope to convey some of the spirit, passion, excitement, thought and other experiential aspects of supporting the Western Sydney Wanderers. Whilst my club and my membership has been relatively short-lived, my abiding interest in football (or to use the heretical term ‘Soccer’) goes back to 1974 and the FIFA World Cup in West Germany. It was then that the Australian Socceroos made their first heady footsteps on the global football scene, and now nearly 40 years later the newest and potentially greatest A-League team ever is already making the world’s (and the local) football community take a look at Australia in new and excited ways.

Most of these posts will focus on the Wanderers and their progression through the next season, and hopefully beyond. However I will also be looking at wider football issues, as well as other sports and generally whatever else may give my readers a chance to understand how diverse and how passionate supporters of the Western Sydney Wanderers are.

So…Welcome to my Wanderland!

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