A-League 2013/14 Season: Round Twenty Five Preview

Friday 28th March 2014: Brisbane Roar vs Melbourne Heart (Suncorp Stadium)

With the premier’s plate race done and dusted, and the Roar deservedly receiving it after last week’s win over the victory, there is some possibility that they may not come entirely motivated to do away with the Heart. However that is a minute chance; if there is one factor in the Roar’s success story this season it has been a commitment to consistency. The usual suspects will be there, with Broich, Mackay, Berisha, Henrique, Brattan, Theo, Petratos, Franjic and Stefanutto all part of the Mulvey narrative in 2013/14. It could be that having won the plate with three rounds to go Mulvey may be more creative with his line-up, and try and get more time on the pitch for his less-frequently appearing squad members. There is also the possibility of being conservative for next week’s match against the Wanderers, and the upcoming finals series. Yet I honestly can’t see this happening.

For the visitors the emphasis will be undoubtedly on continuing their revival, minus the recent hiccups, and show off to both their own fans and the neutrals what capabilities exist within a team and club that could break out in a big way next season. The impending retirement of Harry Kewell and the return of Engelaar to the Netherlands post this season will undoubtedly create an interesting atmosphere to the game and mood among the players. Throw in the lengthy continuation of their Heart careers under the new owners provided to coach van t’Schip and striker David Williams, and this match and the coming closing rounds could be one for the Heart to also look for future adjustments. With no chance of making the finals the visitors will probably throw caution to the win and attempt to stage a surprise win to remind their fans and neutrals alike that they are not as bad as their ladder position this season indicates.

My Prediction: 2-1 Brisbane Roar win

Saturday 29th March 2014: Central Coast Mariners vs Western Sydney Wanderers (Bluetongue Stadium)

In the short history of the Wanderers one of the biggest and most popular rivalries is that with the Mariners, and if this game is going to follow in the tradition of the last six meetings it will be well attended by the visiting team’s fans and a close and tense battle. The home team have had an uneven preparation for this match in terms of recent results, and a long season of problematic developments in terms of squad changes, injuries and coaching changes has taken its toll on the Mariners. Yet they have had two good wins in recent weeks and are playing at Bluetongue, where they are rarely beaten. The capabilities of their defence are arguably not as good as the Wanderers, yet they have every reason to believe they can hold out the likes of Juric, Santalab and Haliti. Duke and Simon will be the most logical source of goals for the Mariners, however the man who could be a worry for the Wanderers is Sterjovski. Playing in his last home game for the Mariners this stalwart ex-Socceroo has been in some of his best domestic form ever in recent months, and there is a possibility he will be driven to greater heights due to the emotional context of the match.

Having said that the Wanderers are coming into form at just the right time, with some good wins in recent weeks in both the A-League and the AFC Championship. Hersi and Polenz are almost back to the same devastating form they wreaked on opposite clubs last season, with their right flank work against Perth an encouraging indication of this improvement. The left flank has been strengthened thanks to the absence of d’Apuzzo, and Bridge has found the back of the net in general play after what seems to be a long and dour drought in his form. Most importantly Juric is fit and should figure prominently, giving the Wanderers a capability to score goals that hasn’t always been there this season. Popovic will undoubtedly be looking at this game with a weather eye on the team’s mid-week ACL requirements, however he has already demonstrated that he can and will switch players as required for both local and international competitions, and getting wins as a result.

My Prediction: 0-1 Western Sydney Wanderers win

Saturday 29th March 2014: Melbourne Victory vs Sydney FC (AAMI Park)

The visitors are in a rather unique position insofar they have the opportunity to close out the entire season’s matches against their longest and arguably biggest rival in the A-League if they win, following on from earlier 3-2 and 5-0 defeats of the Victory. However Sydney FC are under the pump in their efforts to reach the finals thanks to a loss and a draw in their last two games plus the good form of rival clubs such as Adelaide and Newcastle. There will be plenty for the visitors to play for, and the re-signing of Sasa Ognenovski is probably the best off-field action undertaken by Sydney FC in the entire 2013/14 season. Yet their style of play is nowhere near pro-active nor creative as required to seriously threaten their opposition.

The Victory have more than enough motivation to win this match, including the obvious requirement to beat the Sky Blues. If the Wanderers falter at Bluetongue the Victory can leap frog them and return to second place on the table. Then there is the growing need for existing players to validate themselves for the future, such as Archie Thompson, Guilliame Finkler and Tom Rogic. Throw in the reshuffle of the home teams’ backs, with Contreras, Traore and Ansell returning, it will be vital they back up the immense power of the Victory’s forwards. Muscat’s team have the capability to do a lot of damage to Sydney FC if they are able to exert a more creative influence on the match, yet it is possible that with Sydney FC staying passive and relying on minor breaks or mistakes they could steal the game. Oh, and as for del Piero, his influence on the game will be far less than the hype around his coming or going from the visitors for next season.

My Prediction: 1-1 draw

Sunday 30th March 2014: Wellington Phoenix vs Adelaide United (Westpac Stadium)

The Phoenix were threatening to make a run for the finals only a few rounds ago, but since their last meeting with the Reds the impetus for such a charge has effectively died. Part of this failure to progress has been a result of injuries relating to key players such as Carlos Hernandez, however it must be said that an over-reliance on the non-Kiwi players to perform has not helped their cause. Huysegems and Cunningham have either been contained or failed to rise to recent requirements, and whilst Merrick has done a good job with the talent he has there is he can only shuffle a limited squad so far.

Josep Gombau’s Adelaide on the other hand seem to be coming right when it’s most opportune for their 2013/14 season hopes, and whilst they haven’t had all the results come their way the manner in which the team is playing and performing on the pitch gives their fans a reason to hope they may still win the grand final. The style that Gombau has instilled in his team with players such as Cirio, Ferreira, Isais, and the more direct play of Djite has formed a sizeable threat to almost every team they have met in recent weeks. The Reds defence is nominally superior to the Phoenix, and with the likes of Elrich, Malik and Boogard to anchor the more creative aspects of Adelaide play it will be a big surprise for the home team to knock off the visitors.

My Prediction: 0-2 Adelaide United win

Sunday 30th March 2014: Perth Glory vs Newcastle United (nib Stadium)

Not that long ago it appeared that Zane’s Jets were gone for all money this season thanks to indifferent form and a series of losses during the earlier part of the season that placed too big a hurdle in front of their hopes for qualifying. However thanks to a series of wins over teams above them on the table including Brisbane and Western Sydney, and last round a massacre of the Phoenix they are now sitting nicely primed for a finals berth. The undoubted qualities of Taggart and to a lesser extent Heskey are being backed up more and more often at the centre of the field thanks to great work by Caravella and Zadkovich. Whilst they don’t play the prettiest football they do have a solidity that will give their rivals for the sixth place on the end of regular season ladder cause for concern.

As for the home team, their 2013/14 A-League season can’t end soon enough. A club in crisis thanks to the serious in-fighting, a badly botched recruitment program and a series of errors in overall club direction has left almost everyone associated with the Glory looking for the off-season as the only hope for an end to their misery. The playing staff are a mish-mash of potential and long faded quality, with the likes of Gallas, Burns and Thwaite examples of the latter, and arguably Harrold, Woodcock and Edwards part of the former. Coach Kenny Lowe has partly inherited and partly created a mess that has allowed their opponents to chalk up three points even before they play. It is hard to see the Glory achieving anything between now and the final whistle in their Round 27 match other than the wooden spoon.

My Prediction: 0-2 Newcastle United win

A-League 2013/14 Season: Round Twenty Four Preview

Friday 21st March 2014: Adelaide United vs Sydney FC (Coopers Stadium)

Both teams had draws last week however of the two the one that possibly had a better chance of winning was the Reds, who gave the Wanderers a few nervous moments in the wet at Wanderland. Of course they do have plenty of creativity in the midfield and up front, and Carrusca will be pivotal as he has been almost all season. The question is how will the likes of Ferreira, Cirio and Djite go about getting through a passive Sydney FC who have finally found a rock at the back in the form of Sasa Ognenovski? The return of del Piero is nominally a helpful factor in the Sydney FC squad make up yet their most recent win came as a result of play that took place when he was subbed by Frank Farina.

Reds coach Gombau must be hoping that the visitors bring the same inconsistent play that has been their hallmark all season, and there is quite a bit of capacity in his squad both on and off the pitch to bring about a win. Interestingly enough the absence of Nick Carle from the Sydney FC line-up in recent weeks has not hurt the Sky Blues, yet I still don’t believe they have the overall class to beat a far more creative Reds at home.

My Prediction: 2-1 Adelaide United win

Saturday 22nd March 2014: Newcastle United vs Wellington Phoenix (Hunter Stadium)

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the Phoenix were on a rampage and looking to climb up from the cellar whilst the Jets were looking to consolidate a potential lower finals position thanks to a couple of good wins. Now however both Wellington and Newcastle look a tad off the pace in the race of the final six, and neither team seems to be ripe for either a change up in form or results. Of the two teams the Jets arguably are in a better place, insofar as they have had more recent wins of a significant nature, and with almost a full squad and at home they nominally deserve favoritism. However whilst there has been some decent work of late from the midfield and their best player all season, Adam Taggart, it is hard to say that they truly excel over the visitors.

The lack of Hernandez in the Wellington line-up is a big blow, and Ernie Merrick must be wondering who will be the creative element in his line-up. There will probably be a major focus on the work of Stein Huysegems, and if he is to really earn his wages it’s about time Jeremy Brockie did more than a cameo effort as seems to have been his modus vivendi in recent rounds. Admittedly there is plenty of positive ju-ju in the mix for the visitors when it comes to their track record at Hunter Stadium, but they seem to have dropped off the boil badly. The question is, can a faltering Jets take advantage of such a situation?

My Prediction: 1-1 Draw

Saturday 22nd March 2014: Brisbane Roar vs Melbourne Victory (Suncorp Stadium)

With the premier’s plate within one win away the Roar must be looking to grabbing it by defeating the second place Victory, although there is no guarantee that the task will be easy even with the home team’s impressive form all season. Going into the match Mike Mulvey does have a couple of problems in terms of absent players, with the most important being Besart Berisha, plus prolific back Ivan Franjic, and ex-Socceroo Jade North. However with the likes of Broich, Miller, Stefanutto, McKay and Brattan there is still so much substance to the table topping Roar.

For the Victory they will be coming in buoyed by some recent good results, including their midweek win in their ACL campaign against Yokohama, and quality efforts against Perth and Central Coast that have helped them to rise to second on the current A-League table. There is lots to like about the attack and midfield of Muscat’s squad, and any team that can leave Thompson on the bench has plenty of go-forward. Yet it’s not necessarily the front and mid section of the pitch that will win it for the vistors against the Roar. Milligan, Geria, Leijer and goalie Thomas are vital to the Victory’s hopes of causing a mild upset. If they can cope particularly with the likes of Broich and McKay, whilst Barbarouses, Rogic and Finkler can dismantle the opposition then they have an excellent chance of consolidating their current place on the ladder. It should be a great match.

My Prediction: 1-1 Draw

Sunday 23rd March 2014: Melbourne Heart vs Central Coast Mariners (AAMI Park)

The Heart’s improbable dash to a last minute berth in the finals must be almost dead now, especially in light of their draw with the Phoenix last round (with Ernie Merrick now saying that team can’t make the top six), however they will be a strong challenge to what must be a weary Mariners on the road.  Since the re-signing of John van t’Schip for more seasons at the helm and David Williams also agreeing to terms the stability of the Heart has to be a welcome place to be for squad morale, and whilst they are in an invidious position points-wise, plus seem to have lost some support at home as demonstrated by average crowds of late, they should be at least a mild favourite to topple Phil Moss’s team. All the stalwarts who have gone from hell to at least purgatory in recent weeks will feature for the Heart, including Dutch man-mountain Orlando Engelaar, possible 2014 Socceroo squad member Harry Kewell, Ramsay, Murdocca, Kisnorbo and Behich, and whilst there are numerous familiar faces in the home team they are unlike the vistors in having actually had a rest of late.

For the Mariners the question must be how can they revive their efforts to stay in the top four with a squad that looks dangerously thin and worn, partly due to injury and partly due to ACL demands. Unlike last season when Central Coast powered along with a very stable line-up and set of results their 2013/14 season has been up and down and the drain on quality members of their squad seems impossible to stop. There is a lot to be said about the likes of Bosnar, Reddy, Seung-Yong, Ibini and Duke but the impression seems to be that they lack the support and structures that similarly pressed teams (like the Victory and Wanderers have) at this stage of the season. Their loss to Beijing Goan mid-week in the ACL will not have helped, and with Adelaide, Sydney and Newcastle all breathing down their neck for the fourth, fifth or sixth places in the finals series who is to say if they will finish even in the top five?

My Prediction: Melbourne Heart 2-1 win

Sunday 23rd March 2014: Western Sydney Wanderers vs Perth Glory (Pirtek Stadium)

The visitors are in deep shit, now in last place on the A-League ladder and missing far too many quality players to hint at being a threat to a Wanderers who will undoubtedly reflect Tony Popovic’s system and be almost unrecognizable from that which won it’s ACL game against Kawasaki Frontale mid-week. Perth Glory have a stench of internal decay and philosophical entropy throughout their club and it is well nigh impossible to see that they can arrest or change the situation between now and the end of this season. A crazy-glued mish-mash of semi-decent young talent (e.g. Edwards, Harrold, Woodcock) and wizened old men who must be close to being called hacks (Thwaite, Gallas and Burns), Kenny Lowe’s squad is without their best goal scoring options in Sidnei and Smeltz.

On the other hand the Wanderers will be coming into this match knowing that no matter who is on the pitch their coach has faith in them, plus they have done the job in the past on a Glory team in almost every match of the last two seasons (barring one draw in 2012/13). The impressive aspect of the Wanderers is that even with the demands placed on them by their ACL matches in recent weeks they have  rediscovered their defensive strength and dare I say ability to grind out results. The forward goal scoring opportunities are not being taken with as much frequency as hoped, and it’ll be no surprise if Santalab starts for Tomi Juric. Polenz and Spiranovic will slot back into the starting line up and whilst Ono may not start Hersi should, with an option for the rapidly improving Kwabena Appiah to be his sub later in the game. Unfortunately the left flank is still problematic and if Bridge and d’Apuzzo start then the Glory’s best option will be to hit that side. However Shannon Cole or Labinot Haliti may figure in Popovic’s thinking if they aren’t too fatigued from their midweek efforts.

My Prediction: Western Sydney Wanderers 2-0 win

A-League 2013/14 Season: Round Twenty Three Preview

Friday 14th March 2014: Sydney FC vs Brisbane Roar (Allianz Stadium)

If the anti-Farina forces at Sydney FC will be looking for an excuse to trot out their currently hibernating calls for the SFCboss to get the boot, this match should be the catalyst for such a return to form. Whilst no one can deny that based on points the home team is in a strong position, and has plenty of wins up their sleeve, their actual form on the pitch is in no way a true indication of how they can and should go forward into this game and the remaining rounds of 2013/14. Utterly inconsistent and relying on luck and catastrophic errors from their recent rivals, the Sky Blues are hardly imposing a winning style over their opponents. Admittedly there is plenty to like about the introduction of Ognenovski at the back. Perhaps there is also some hope to be drawn from their dogged approach to confound all observers, and excel when least expected or fail miserably with equal uncertainty.

So as Sydney FC come up against the table leading Roar, the faithful will no doubt be hoping that they can and will beat the visitors. Yet if one club and one squad this year has been the polar opposite of Sydney, it is Brisbane. Consistent and remorseless, Mulvey’s team has achieved an efficiency that is reminiscent of the old Roarcelona of 2010-12, and the Mariners  and Wanderers of 2012/13. The old firm of Berisha and Broich is firing on all cylinders, and Miller and Brattan have been crucial in maintaining the Roar’s consistency. There might be some issues resulting from the absence of Franjic, and defensively the return of Stefanutto as a key figure does ask questions, specifically in terms of the backs’ speed and discipline. However I can’t honestly see the home team providing a challenge to surpass even a reduced Roar defence, especially with Despotovic out. Gameiro and Antonis will possibly ask some solid questions but Brisbane should answer those comfortably.

My Prediction: 0-2 Brisbane Roar win

Saturday 15th March 2014: Western Sydney Wanderers vs Adelaide United (Pirtek Stadium)

There’s no denying that the Wanderers are currently in a slump, and the problem is not one that can be easily cured. The demands of having to play ACL games, the second season syndrome, injuries, changes in personnel and simple stuff ups have recently made last year’s premiers look very ordinary. Thus this game will be both a supreme test for the home team, and an opportunity for the visitors to prove that the Gombau doctrine of tikki-takka can take the Reds to the title. Adelaide are close to full strength and whilst they are coming off a loss against the Roar they should be very confident. Key playmaker Carrusca is on board for the Reds and the man I believe who has really helped spark Adelaide’s recent run of good form, Bruce Djite is back. Cirio and Ferreira will be troubling the home team, whilst Adelaide’s defence has toughened up recently.

For Popovic the best aspect of this game is all the usual stalwarts of their earlier season success should be fit, ready and available. Ono, Spiranovic, and Covic didn’t fly to China for the ACL win, whilst Polenz, Mooy and Hersi weren’t over-extended. There will be some established players looking over their shoulders after that mid-week match, with the likes of Tyson, Trifiro and Appiah possibly figuring in the line up. It has to be said that a fit, rested and hungry Tomi Juric is vital to the Wanderers, as their ability to score goals this season has been compromised by his injuries or lack of form. Santalab can provide options but he is a goal poacher, not a striker who can define a game like Juric. For the home team it would also be hoped that recent issues with the RBB will be behind everyone and that Wanderland will be the cauldron that everyone expects it to be.

My Prediction: 2-1 Western Sydney Wanderers win

Saturday 15th March 2014: Central Coast Mariners Vs Newcastle United (Bluetongue Stadium)

One of the great derbies in the A-League is the F3 match-up between the Mariners and the Jets, and this one will be very intriguing for neutrals and fans alike thanks to the precarious state and near equal performance of each club at this stage of the season. With only one point separating the two teams and the Jets in a surprising purple patch of form, the home team will be faced with a big challenge. Moss’s team have had a midweek win in their ACL campaign behind them and are arguably putting into this match their best line-up. Duke, Bosnar, Ibini and Sterjovski are all crucial to the performance of the Mariners and the last mentioned has been particularly strong. Korean import Kim Seung-Yong will hopefully do better yet again this match for the home fans, partocularly after his defensive howler in the midweek match.

However there is something compelling in the thought about the Jets coming down the road and possibly stealing all three points. There is nothing pretty or attractive about their play but in recent weeks the midfield of Zadkovich and Caravella has been doing excellent work, and Adam Taggart is possibly one of the top two or three strikers in the current A-League season. With a physical and pressing defence and a gun striker up front Clayton Zane has manufactured wins and draws when many observers would expect losses. Their efforts in knocking off in successive weeks the Roar, Wanderers and Heart show that there is still life in the Jet’s challenge for 2013/14 honours yet.

My Prediction: 1-1 draw

Saturday 15th March 2014: Perth Glory vs Melbourne Victory (nib Stadium)

The shambles that has been Perth’s season will be back home in this late night Saturday match, with the Victory coming to town and looking to possibly pass the Wanderers into second place on the ladder. For Perth the usual problems and issues that have bedeviled their campaign in 2013/14 will almost certainly be on display again, with older and relatively ineffectual players such as Gallas, Thwaite and Marinkovic forming a burden that the younger players like de Silva and Harrold being unable to get out from under. The internal squabbling and fighting, the lack of attacking options and the sheer inchoate mess that is the on-field team gives all the Perth fans reason to wonder how they can possibly hope to beat the Victory. Throw in the absence of Smeltz through injury and Vukovic leaving to join Graham Arnold in the J-League and it’s a tale of woe out west.

For Kevin Muscat’s Victory their strong performance mid-week in their ACL draw, and the return of key players such as Milligan, Rogic and Ansell should help build a compelling case for an away win. Whilst their form has been a little patchy in recent weeks the win over the Mariners last round and the sheer strength of their forward and midfield options should give Muscat cause to think his squad can dominate the home team. There are problems at the back, insofar as neither Coe nor Thomas look great in goal, and Contreras is only a few weeks away from retirement. Whilst these may be concerns against a rampant Roar, Heart or Adelaide, against the toothless Glory it should be hardly worth the worry.

My Prediction: 3-0 Melbourne Victory win

Sunday 16th March 2014: Melbourne Heart vs Wellington Phoenix (AAMI Park)

The two clubs that dominated the lower reaches of the ladder earlier this season have undergone a renaissance in recent weeks, threatening the top six and making some highly fancied opposition look rather foolish. Yet coming into this match both the Heart and the Phoenix look to have reverted a little back to their earlier ordinary form. However whilst the Phoenix have been handed some beltings (with the Heart doing the deed away from home a scant four rounds ago) the Heart have stayed far more consistent. There is no doubt that playing at home gives the Melbourne team the advantage, and right now with a line up that includes the immense Engelaar in midfield, a resurgent Harry Kewell, a solid defence that includes Kisnorbo and Behich, and players like Dugandzic, Williams, Germano, Murdocca and Ramsay there are few weak links in their line-up.

As for the visitors the import threesome of Cunningham, Hernandez and Huysegems are the make or break component of Merrick’s squad. When those three players are on song the Phoenix take a lot of beating. However in the last few rounds there have been moments when their efforts have dipped and as a consequence so has the Phoenix’s fortunes. Their defence will be strengthened thanks to the presence of Manny Muscat and whilst a older veteran Glen Moss can still pull out some classic saves. Unfortunately for their fans the likes of Lia and Hicks have not been able to sustain flashes of form shown in earlier weeks and Durante and Brockie are nowhere near as potent as they were last season. For my 2 cents I think the Heart’s rise will continue whilst the Phoenix have stalled.

My Prediction: 2-1 Melbourne Heart win


A-League 2013/14 Season: Round Twenty Two Preview

Friday 7th Match 2014: Melbourne Victory vs Central Coast Mariners (AAMI Park)

Two teams with an ACL burden that has hardly lifted and a recent run of form that has been indifferent come together to try and sort out the log jam that is the top four of the A-League’s current season. Considering that neither team has looked extra special in the last few rounds (though the Mariners did make sure of continuing Sydney FC’s up and down season last week) it may well be the vaunted attack of the home team that can prevail. Even with Rogic and Milligan not yet recovered on their return from mid-week Socceroo duties the rest of the offensive capabilities of the Victory look far too strong for a depleted Mariners. Troisi, Finkler, Thompson and Pain are all in with a chance of causing the visitors some heartache. It must also be said that whilst last week’s 4-0 loss to the Heart was a shocker there have been some encourgaing moments from arguably the second worst marquee signing of the A-League this season, in the form of veteran Chilean back Pablo Contreras.

The Mariners do look to have got back one of their most promising talents from last season, with Mitchell Duke having his best game of 2013/14 last week against the Sky Blues. However aside from him, Ibini and the promising Korean recruit Kim Seung-Yong the current squad under Phil Moss looks jaded and stagnant. The holes that have opened up this season in terms of on and off the pitch contributors has weakened a club that has (until now) always seemed strongest when in adversity. Defensively the retirement of Patrick Zwanswiejk has been a killer and Eddy Bosnar will also be missing for this week’s match. It’ll be hardly surprising if the Mariners finish up without any points when the full time whistle blows.

My Prediction: 2-0 Melbourne Victory Win

Saturday 8th Match 2014: Newcastle United vs Melbourne Heart (Hunter Stadium)

Is there a more fascinating story in the current a-League season than the fall and rise of the Melbourne Heart? Less than two months ago this was a club that looked to be so out of form that even finishing last would have been an achievement. Yet since the dismissal of John Aloisi and the announcement of the Manchester City led consortium buy-out the Heart have become one of the best teams in the competition, and with the likes of Engelaar, Williams, Kewell, Murdocca and Ramsay leading the attack they have been monstering their opponents. Last week’s defeat of their cross-town rivals was typical of this recent run of excellent form, in that that took advantage not just of of the pressure they built up offensively, but they even created chances that earlier this season would’ve been lost because Mifsud would’ve gone offside. Whilst Kewell and Murdocca have been key it has to be said that Heart Version 2.0 this season is being driven forward by immense figure of Orlando Engelaar (how much did they miss him earlier in 2013/14?), and the goal scoring wizardry of David Williams.

Meeting them at their own home will be a Newcastle Jets that must feel very confident of slaying the challenging Heart after racking up wins over the top two teams in successive rounds. Having said that their quality of play in both their victories was hardly scintillating, relying on some muscular (if not should-be-penalised) tackling and having Adam Taggart apply his prodigious marksmanship when aiming for goal. The midfield lead by Zadkovich and backed up by Hoole and Brillante is more solid than it has been before during Clayton Zane’s brief regime. In what might be an intriguing element of this match the much-traveled ex-Socceroo David Carney may get a chance to strap on the boots and play, and whilst plenty of observers have written him off he may be the proverbial diamond in the rough (especially considering the bad surface of Hunter Stadium). There is no doubt that the result of this match will give either coach much to build on for the remainder of the season if the win, as both Newcastle and Melbourne Heart are right in the mix for at least sixth place coming into the last few rounds of 2013/14.

My Prediction: 1-2 Melbourne Heart win

Saturday 8th March: Sydney FC vs Western Sydney Wanderers (Allianz Stadium)

I hate to say it but this sixth derby match between the two Sydney clubs is the one where my beloved Wanderers look the most vulnerable for a long time. There is no doubt that right now the machine that was WSW 2012/13 has thrown several gears and will be missing some vital components coming into the most passionate an exciting A-League match up. Whilst Tomi Juric could well return in the key role of striker impact player Labinot Haliti is missing and more importantly Matthew Spiranovic is out due a combination of suspension and Socceroos duty. The rest of the team has played well below capability in recent matches, having incurred five goals and only scored one against Ulsan and the Jets. Shinji Ono is definitely out of the same form he displayed last time the teams met at Allianz, Mooy is back to his timid and indecisive ways, Jerome Polenz is possibly still not match fit, Bridge is wayward and d’Apuzzo has become an achilles heel on the left flank.

Having said all that if there is one aspect of this match that is even less certain is how will Sydney FC respond. With Sasa Ognevnovski they have finally signed a player who really adds to the squad, and in fact I would argue he is their best signing not just of this season but perhaps since ADP himself. The Italian will no doubt be looking to put in as much as he can on the pitch, perhaps in a sly way of reminding Frank Farina that he shouldn’t have been subbed during the last derby. There will be some spice to the contest thanks to Richard Garcia coming up against Polenz, Terry Antonis has already shown how badly he was missed during his enforced lay-off due to injury,and Nick Carle is returning from  a week on the wounded list. Yet for all these positives (and of course the intriguing off-field environment that will see the Cove and the RBB sticking it to each other) their is a veneer of fragility that continues to hang around the Sky Blues. They are truly a boom or bust team, with almost as many wins as losses. If ADP and the Og-monster can be tamed then the Wanderers will win. If not then it may be a long trip home back west.

My Prediction: 1-2 Western Sydney Wanderers win

Sunday 9th March 2014: Wellington Phoenix vs Perth Glory (Westpac Stadium)

Whilst both the Phoenix and the Glory suffered some very rough handling in their most recent matches leading into this game, it has to be said that only one of the clubs has the capability to shake that loss off as an aberration and move onwards and upwards. And it sure as shit ain’t the visitors. Whilst the Phoenix under Ernie Merrick started badly and have gradually improved during 2013/14, for the ‘was Edwards’/now Lowe’s’ Perth their trajectory has been either downwards slowly or downwards in a god-almighty rush. They’ve not won a game in any of the last six played and have conceded thirteen goals, picking up a single point. Their off-field morale is shot to ribbons thanks to interminable fratricidal fighting (which destroyed Ally Edwards’ regime and seems to still be bubbling over thanks to the likes of Jacob Burns). Both defensively and offensively there is little that anyone can point to and say ‘that will get Perth into the top six’, and to top it all off it appears that their single most capable player, goalie Daniel Vukovic is now off to the J-League on loan.

The Phoenix are not exactly playing to the same standard that saw them destroy the Victory a couple of months back, yet they can be expected to dominate a fractured Perth. Huysegems, Cunningham and Hernandez as has been the case for much of their renaissance this season will be key. If they can bust open the visitors midfield and backs (which considering the form of the likes of Gallas and Thwaite shouldn’t be too hard to do) then it could be another goal fest. It must be stated (to cover my arse prediction-wise) that with Manny Muscat out the Phoenix have lost some of their midfield strength. Leo Bertos is back from his serious injury problems however obviously he won’t be match fit and I suspect he will be on the bench. Finally, whilst Kenny Lowe has brought passion to the visitors he hasn’t indicated to me that he has the same smarts that Ernie Merrick has (and of course his players are far more fractious than Ernie’s). So expect the Glory to stay at the bottom of the table and the Phoenix to be pushing again towards the top six.

My Prediction: 3-0 Wellington Phoenix win

Dear Graham Cornes….

Hi there Graham. I see you’ve been given the task by your editor at that esteemed organ of News Limited, the Adelaide Advertiser, to write another sordid little piece of uninformed click bait opinion piece where you apply your wit and wisdom to the problems that bedevil the world game of soccer.

Let me just say on behalf of all of us who find your credibility as an authority on the game that is played by over 200 nations and states (unlike a certain domestic code that struggles to find even one international opponent even in a bastardised form than no one has any desire to follow beyond its novelty value) a wee bit suspect, thanks for applying your considerable journalistic intelligence to the round ball game. I could use the appropriate nomenclature of football but I fear that if I was to apply the globally recognised name for said sport it might cause you to go into an apoplectic fit, or become befuddled how any other sport played and worshiped by billions could use the same word as the one you have played. You know, the one that is gripped by issues relating to drugs, racism, sexual impropriety, player deaths through misadventure, and is worshiped by approximately 0.01% of the same number of people who know who Manchester United is, or can recognise names like Pele, Suarez, Messi, Maradona etc.

So let me use the word soccer for now so that if you or any of you fellow travelers come across my response (which I admit is almost impossible to occur) you and they won’t be struck dumb by the intellectual conflict represented by such confusing terminology.

Now, where to begin? I know; for a start let me say I won’t be quoting or providing links to your red neck diatribe because let’s face it, that’s what you and your employers need. Much like Kim Kardashian flashing her plastic tits and porno videoed arse on reality television, you need to display your similarly endowed intellectual attributes online and in your employer’s newspaper otherwise your value as an employee (and possibly as  a person) would be null and void. Would it be too mean of me to suggest you have exhibited a similar level of narcissism as the comedic character Kath Day-Knight, putting into words the same kind of ‘Look at me, look at me’ bogan attention seeking she is written to need by her creators? Of course she is a construct from the fertile minds of Jane Turner, Magda Szubanksi and Gina Riley. I’m unsure if your News Limited character is anywhere near as humorous nor has sprung from anyone’s fertile and creative mind. Fetid yes, but not fertile.

So no; I won’t be citing swathes of your polemic Instead I will rely on those who may read this to do a simple Google search. They will be able to find the offending piece of bombastic self-parody, ripped from the Andrew Bolt-inspired culture wars that were fought and lost in the late 1960s.

I note with interest that in your reference to the upcoming IFAB meeting that points of discussion at this international (and let me remind you, international means outside Australia…something that AFL devotees are unable to countenance in their purely domestic sport) include addressing concerns over the use of the hijab or other forms of head dress in women’s football as played in tournaments such as those at the Olympics, the use of electronic tracking devices and the displaying of slogans under clothes. No sane or globally aware person who follows soccer (see, I’m not trying to scare you by using the ‘F’ word) believes all is sweet in the garden of global game. Having said that it is surely something that even a recidivist old Aussie Rules bogan like yourself can recognise that the idea of Islamic women want to play soccer in an Olympic context puts your preferred isolationist one-nation sport in the darkest shadows when it comes to equal opportunity or pro-feminist sporting policies.

Regarding electronic tracking and performance systems, well if the AFL has been using them longer then kudos. Of course when many members of an 18 man team on the field can stand relatively still during a two hour game which allows points for missing a goal, maybe using electronic diagnostic systems to find out what the F (and no, that’s not the synonym for soccer you don’t like to use) AFL players actually do to be considered professional athletes. The issue of slogans under shirts has never been an issue in Australian Rules because, lets face it, the audience for AFL needs far more simplistic indications of what the player is trying to say when it comes to removing their jersey or shirt:

Nicky Widmar showing passionate AFL supporters what kinds of slogans need to be shown under Aussie Rules players’ shirts

Having addressed the upcoming IFAB meeting and their review of these points, you produce an anonymous contact (like Deep Throat was for Woodward and Bernstein), revealing the suppurating corruption at the very heart of soccer. This festering wound in the world game takes on not one, but several manifestations. Most notably is the sickness of feigned injury, which according to you makes soccer no ‘man’s game’.

I and millions of others who follow foot…oops, I almost used a bad word didn’t I…soccer are rightly aggrieved at the act of simulation. That is why there is a law in the rules of soccer to punish those who simulate (see this link to Page 119 of the 2012/13 FIFA rules). Of course the law of the game is not always implemented as it should, however I wonder if the laws of AFL were upheld as they should’ve been when it took four years for the Melbourne Demon’s tanking debacle across the entire club to be discovered, investigated and punished? And by the way, how is that nasty little problem with Stephen Dank, peptides and the likely exploitation of illicit pharmaceuticals by the Essendon Bombers to gain an advantage in the domestic comp going? Has Juan Antonio Demetriou got that sorted out yet, or is he still relying on James Hird keeping schtumm?

What was that saying that a certain Jewish fellow supposedly said about 1990 years ago? Something about sin and first stones being cast?

Additionally, I’m glad to see that you quite rightly call out soccer as a game not really played by men. real men prefer to exhibit their sporting prowess, their machismo, their masculinity in sports like…hmmm, let me see…oh I know…Australian Rules. Real men like that towering old paragon of virtue Sam Newman who quite rightly validates his manhood by making lewd and crude sexist jokes at Caroline Wilson. Or perhaps we should be idolizing the epic maleness of Stephen Milne, who allegedly is so full of his own potent maleness that women can’t resist him…allegedly. I must say if I had a son I’d want him to reject the namby-pamby, weak as water feminist soccer players like Pele, like Franz Beckenbauer, like Johnny Warren, like Tim Cahill, and prefer that they showed the same pure maleness that Wayne Carey did when he was doing the deed with his best friend’s (and team mate’s) wife.

It must also be said that soccer players are indeed weak arsed nancy boys. After all why is Robbie Kruse bitching over a little niggle like an anterior cruciate ligament injury ended his hopes of going to the World Cup Finals in Brazil this year. Perhaps he should have sucked it up and carried on like all those sensible Australian Rules players have even if knocked into next week with concussion. It takes a host of real men to willingly look for brain damage and for the sport to spend decades ignoring the ramifications hmm? Why can’t all the princesses in the round ball game be more like Daniel Bell and Daniel Gilmore?

Let’s not dwell too much there shall we? After all, if I keep reminding you of your preferred game’s paradigms of manly virtues it might rapidly collapse into a similar comedy as that shown by David Williamson in his play based on Collingwood, ‘The Club’. We shan’t take the piss out of your sport by making unfair jokes about real life AFL players showing the same mentality as Williamson’s character Jock Reilly shall we?

Instead, how about we move on to your second major critique of soccer, as construed through the unwritten unseen evidence of your anonymous soccer ‘Deep Throat’, vis-a-vis the manner in which the round ball game so often ends in penalty shoot-outs after a dull old nil-nil draw.

I guess this statement deserves a little investigation doesn’t it. I know, let’s look at the result history of the current latest craze in the A-League, the Western Sydney Wanderers. Since they entered the A-League how may games have they played in that ended nil all, or required a penalty shoot out? Four? Five? Seven? Twelve? Surely such numbers must be relevant if you and your anonymous soccer informant are correct.

Unfortunately for your hypothesis the Wanderers have only ever been involved in two 0-0 draws, and never required a penalty shoot out to win a game since they entered the A-League. Perhaps we should look at another team. I know, how about the Socceroos (you know, the team that gets to play other countries ranging from Paraguay to Iraq to South Africa to Slovenia, whilst AFL teams get to play…um, who again?). Well, in 2013 the Socceroos played thirteen games and guess what, they only had one nil all draw. I will admit that yes, there was a penalty shoot out to determine who went to the 2006 World Cup Finals in Germany, and that game involving the Australian national team and Uruguay was such a depressing dull event wasn’t it?

Perhaps when one considers the entertainment value of our relative sports, perhaps the manner in which an Aussie Rules game may blow out by more than ten goals might…just might…constitute a more egregious sin against the quality of such sporting endeavours. According to my research the GWS Giants in their second season lost 13 games out of 23 in 2013 by more than 10 goals. Surely even by your warped logic soccer’s propensity in both the A-League and internationally with the Socceroos to have almost no nil-nil draws, contrasted with over a dozen totally noncompetitive farces involving the multi-million clowns invented by Juan Antonio Demetriou shows where true value for the sporting fan lie.

I could continue my response but I shan’t, as let’s face it, with Australia playing Ecuador and South Africa in coming weeks, plus this weekend’s Wanderers versus Sydney FC derby on the immediate horizon I should be concentrating on soccer than worrying about Australian Rules. I should leave that up to the same guardians of AFL’s public image (like you) who have  made sure that the likes of Majak Daw would never have to face racist slurs like he did in 2013.

Wait a sec…what’s that News Limited stable mate of your paper, the Herald Sun reporting?